Truck Explorer Standard

DC2U-webVEI V6


Sunkvežimių diagnostika ir chip tiuningas. Programos versija V5.


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TRUCK EXPLORER™ is an ultimate vehicle ECU management product with wide range of functions. Designed for workshops, locksmiths and independent professionals working with commercial vehicles. Extremely useful for chip tuners, vehicle electronics repair engineers, locksmiths and automotive education.

TRUCK EXPLORER Standard Pack features:

Licenses included:

1. MB MEMO: PLD (MR)  external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write;  Checksum; Chip-tuning protection remove.
2. MB KEYS: Key programming on PLD (MR).  MR&FR IMMO OFF
3. MB CALC: Calculates codes for VeDoc (algorithm X1, X2, X8);  FDOK (XT, XN) algorithms
4. FR: FR&CPC Flash EEPROM Read/Write. OBD and DC2. CPC3  & CPC NAFTA not supported.
5. 2011+: MEMO; KEYS; CALC; DC2 functionality with Continental PLD based on XC2xxx processor type. PLD firmware v.: 22B; 23E; 24B.
6. 2014+: MEMO; KEYS; CALC; DC2 functionality with Continental PLD  firmware v.: 23F; 24C; 25B, 26x
7. DC2M: Operations by Direct Connection 2M tool. Hardware kit included.
8. CRV: S, ML, GL class CRV & CRV2 Flash&EEPROM R/W via OBD
9. CR (CDI): V-klass CR1 Flash & EEPROM R/W; WSP<>CR pairing
10. MCM BSL: MCM1, MCM2, ACM1, ACM2- Flash & EEPROM Read / Write by DC2 in BSL mode
11. SFTP CALC: MB SFTP (MP4) VeDoc/Fdok XS; XT; XN; X1; X2; X5; X8
12. SFTP DIAG: MB SFTP (MP4)  DTC Read /Erase. Full report. OBD/DC2
14. MB EXTRA: Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase
15. CPC3 EXTRA: Speed limit R/W for SFTP: MCM and CPC3;
16. ADM EXTRA: Speed limit R/W for PLD and ADM;
17. MB DIAG: Fault codes Read&Erase; All code descriptions are up to date
18. Android: Truck Explorer Android 2.1 license
19. Update/support: 12 months updates & support subscription

Hardware included:

1. VEI V5 WiFi
2. USB A to USB B
3. Micro USB-USB type A
4. OBD2F-4-MB14 (MB)
5. DirectConnect 2M tool with ISP port
6. PLD16 cable for DC2
7. DC2-ISP1 cable  for BSL mode
8. DC2-OBD2-Power cable
9. DC2-FR+CPC cable
11. DC2 cable for MCM, MCM2, MCM2.1, ACM, ACM2.1
12. DC2-TransReader13 for transponder ID12, ID13

Shipping worldwide with DHL is 80 EUR.

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