BMW motorcycle diagnostics

bmw diagnostics


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Product Description

Includes functions to perform diagnostics of all embeded control units through the diagnostic connector on the motorcycle.

Control units

  • Engine control units - ENG
  • Brakes - ABS
  • Body electronics - ZFE (ESA included)
  • Body electronics on new models - ESA, BCO, FSA, ASW
  • Tyre pressure control - RDC
  • Anti-theft alarm system - DWA
  • Instrument cluster - Kombi
  • Audio

Diagnostic functions

  • Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Read Identification data
  • Monitoring real-time data
  • Test actuators

Special functions

  • Read and Set service date
  • Read and Set remaining distance to the service
  • Adaptation values reset
  • Adaptation of the tank ventilation system reset
  • Over-revving Analysis
  • Idle air control calibration
  • Date adjustment
  • Clock display 12h/24h
  • Outside temperature display °F/°C
  • Tyre pressure display bar / kPa / psi
  • Complete configuration (ABS, ESA, ...) of Instrument cluster
  • Units of consumption display (l/100km, km/l, mpg(GB), mpg(US))

Global test

Search for and identify all embedded control units, read fault code memory + generate and print a diagnostic report.

The kit contains:

  • Communication interface
  • BMW adapter
  • USB cable for connection to your laptop (or PC)
  • Software that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8
  • Also a wireless Bluetooth version of the communication interface available.