PCMCIA memery card 256 MB (8×32 MB)

tech2 card



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Product Description

Multi-partition memory card (8 partition for keeping 8 software in one card)

Easy to write software to the card, erase and write new
100% working with Tech2 key programming and SPS programming
Card can be programmed by standard way by using Tech2 and PC connected by COM cable, also can be programmed in PCMCIA laptop

Series X  INTEL/SHARP 28F160  (Attribute and Flash programming algorithm compatible Tech2, Hi-Scan  (Hyundai KIA), CarmanScan 1).


Proven compatibility with popular industry standard Flash File Systems  (FFS) or Flash Translation Layer.
Applications for PC, PDA, PCA, Industrial Control, Standalone auto diagnostic systems, medical systems, Embedded System, instrumentation, Communication.
Supports Erase Suspend to Read command keeping Erase as a background task Mechanical Write protect switch not. Very low power consumption with automatic power management
No battery required for data retention or backup. 20 year data guarantee safe.

PCMCIA Type II form factor
Extremely rugged and reliable
Industry standard PCMCIA 1.0

Flash Specifications:
Compatibility: Common Flash Interface  (CFI);
CIS in ROM: customized attributed cards
(Attribute programed by standard attribute specification. Customized attribute available on customer request.);
Flash Type: LH28F016  (TOSHIBA) emulated.


One bank Flash memory capacity 32  B
Bank quantity 8 pcs
Total Flash memory capacity 256 MB
Attribute  (read only) 2 kB



High performance read access 115 ns
Initial access time 105 ns
Asynchronous-16-word page read 25 ns
Conventional Word Programming  (max) 320 μsec
Random Word Programming  (max) 460 μsec
Program suspend 20 μsec
Erase suspend 20 μsec
Block erase 3 sec


100,000 write/erase cycles per card  (min)

Electrical Characteristics:
Operational Voltage Read: 5 Volts ± 5%
Operational Voltage Write/Erase: 5 Volts ± 5%

Power Consumption:
Read access: 110 mA  (max)
Write/Erase: 70 mA  (max)
Standby mode: 1.5 uA  (max)

Operating Environment:
Temperature Operating: 0 to 70° C
Temperature Storage: -40 to 125° C
Relative Humidity: 95%  (max.) non-condensing

Physical Dimensions:
Type II card: 87 x 54 x 5 mm  (LWH)
Weight: 42.5g

System Compatibility:
Tech2 http://www.otctools.com/products/tech_2_basic_kit most famous as Opel Tech2
Manufacturer: OTC http://www.otctools.com/
Compatible part number / part name:
J-45080 / Tech 2 — 32 Mem CARD

HI-SCAN PRO http://www.nex-tek.com/en-us/products/hyundai_oe_tool/hspro.asp
OEM diagnostic tool for HYUNDAI, KIA
Manufacturer: NEXTECH http://www.nex-tek.com/en-us/
Compatible part number / part name:
09910-63000 / HYUNDAI SOFTWARE CARD  (32 MB)
09910-62000 / HYUNDAI SOFTWARE CARD  (16MB)
09910-01000 / REPROGRAM CARD
09910-62000 / KMC 16MB S/W CARD
09910-60001 / KIA IMMOBILIZER CARD  (2MB)

CARMANSCAN 1 http://www.nex-tek.com/en-us/products/aftermarket/scan1.asp
After market Multi Vehicle coverage & Economical Auto Diagnostic Tool
Manufacturer: NEXTECH http://www.nex-tek.com/en-us/
Compatible part number / part name:
CI01-03000 / SOFTWARE CARD  (32MB)
CI02-03000 / SOFTWARE CARD  (32MB)

Third Party Software Support:
CSM Standard PC Card Manager  (EPP or USB OmniDrive Reader)

Elan Memory Card Explorer http://www.pccard.co.uk/copy/aboutmce.php
CarmanScan Download manager

Operating System Support:
DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.x and Windows 95  (with TFFS). Product does not include drivers for
these OS. Available direct memory access only.


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