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Product Description

Orange5 is a professional programming device for EEPROM memory and Motorola microcontrollers. Unique feature of the current series programmers is built-in macro-language for writing down protocols, which gives fast and easy capability to add new types of micro-schemes, precisely meeting manufacturers' requirements to read/write algorithms. This set contains most of the popular adapters and is one of the most flexible EEPROM/ FLASH programmer, a powerful tool in your hands.

Technical Info:

  • Connection and power via USB interface (USB2.0)
  • Universal easy to plug panel ZIF16 for EEPROM
  • Control of contacts in the sockets
  • Two expansions connectors compatible with Orange4 and Omega MTRK
  • Protection against overcurrent
  • Overload voltage protection
  • Two types of power supply: Standart (USB) and enhanced (USB + external power supply)
  • Three adjustable voltage and current control: Voltage of power supply ( 2.0...5.0V ), programming voltage (2.0...21.0V), additional fixed 10V for microcontrollers.
  • High-speed bidirectional pin drivers with adjustable voltage (2.0...5.0V)
  • Oscillator clock generator with frequency ( up to 24 Mhz) and out voltage (2.0...5.0V) adjustment.
  • Capability of functional emulation of USB CDC devices.
  • Built-in 32-bit virtual machine
  • Supported interface: I2C, SPI, MicroWire, JTAG, UART, BDM, ISO7816, K-LINE (via adapter), CAN (via adapter);
  • plastic case.


  • Maximum buffer size - 32Mb;
  • Users can create own HPL modules;
  • Edit 8 and 16 bits HEX values, as well as ASCII.
  • Read and write files in BIN, HEX, S19 formats;
  • Visual compare mode with highlight values;
  • Write all chip or marked area;
  • Support for multiple configuration files;
  • Auto-save backups;
  • Extended set of operations on the buffer;
  • Works under Windows XP (32 bit).

Set contains:

  • Orange5 device
  • Orange5 Software
  • Orange5 USB base + Motorola license
  • USB cable
  • SOIC8 clip POMONA with leads
  • DIP8 clip POMONA with leads
  • PLCC extractor


Adapters included:

 05BP2 05BP2 MT Motorola 68HC05B6/HC05B8/HC05B16 and 68HC705B16/HC705B32 (PLCC52)
 05H12 05H12  for MC68HC05H12 PLCC52
 HC705E6 HC705E6 socket adapter
 705E6 705E6 MT For MCU 68HC705E6/HC05P3/HC705P3 SOIC28 and QFP44 (solder). Switching between the 05P3 and 705P3/E6 jumper on the board.
 05BXQ64 05BXQ64 MT For MCU 68HC05B16/B32, 68HC05X16/X32 QFP64 (solder)
 908AS 908AS MT For MCU 68HC08AS20, 68HC908AS32, 68HC908AS60 PLCC52
 908AZ 908AZ MT For MCU 68HC908AZ32/AZ60/AS60 QFP64 (solder)
 908JL 908JL MT For 68HC908JL3,908JL8 DIP28,SOIC28,QFP32 (solder).
 11EP52 11EP52 MT For MCU 68HC(7)11A1,A8,E9,E20 (PLCC52)
 11EA9 11EA9 MT For MCU 68HC11EA9 (PLCC52)
 11F1 11F1 MT For MCU 68HC11F1 PLCC68
 11L6 11L6 MT For MCU 68HC11L6 PLCC68;
 11KA 11KA MT For MCU 68HC11K/KA QFP (solder)
 11PA8 11PA8 MT For MCU 68HC11PA8 and 68HC11E9/E20 QFP64 (solder)
 11KAP68 11KAP68  for MC68HC11KA2/KA4 (PLCC68)
 912B 912B 912Q - for 912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (for soldering)
 912Q 912Q MT 912Q - for 912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (for soldering)
 9S12H 9S12H MT For MCU 9S12H/HZ/XHZ QFP80,QFP112 (solder)
 QFP64 QFP64U Universal For MCU QFP44/QFP64 pitch 0.8mm (solder)
 QFP80 QFP80U Universal For MCU QFP80 (solder)
 QFP144 QFP144U Universal QFP100,QFP144 0.5mm, QFP112 0.65mm (solder)
 SOIC8-DIP8 SOIC8-DIP8 ZIF Adapter for microschemes in SOIC8-DIP8
 SOIC8-16 SOIC8-16 SOIC8-16 solder pitch 1.27mm
 SSOP8 SSOP8 For chip SSOP8 pitch 0.65 mm (solder)
 TMS370 O5TMS For Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374/TMS375
 TMS374C003 TMS374C003 TMS For TI TMS374C003A (solder) - work only with Adapter O5TMS.
 PIC-AVR PICAVR SE For Microchip PIC12,PIC16 and Atmel AVR
 AT89 AT89 SE For Atmel AT89C2051, AT89C4051
 NANDSE NAND SE For NAND FLASH Samsung, Hynix... TSOP44, TSOP48 (solder)
 ST62 ST62 SE for MCU ST62 PQFP52, PQFP80 (solder)
 CANKLINE Adapter CAN K-Line Interfaces CAN and K-Line
 9S12Q 9S12Q 9S12Q - for 9S12Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (for soldering)
 PCF7941 PCF7941 Adapter PCF7941