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Product Description

Wheel balancer ACTIA MULLER is designed to accurately balance all wheels with steel, aluminium and “Run Flat” rims (e.g. PAX Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli etc.) on cars, 4x4’s, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

ACTIA MULLER strengths

Speed, Accuracy, Robustness

  • Configuration menu for a simple selection of available options
  • Several programs are available, depending on the rim type:
    • Standard program for steel or aluminium rims
    • Special programs for aluminium rims
    • Program for selected plans
    • Program for hidden weights
    • Tyre fitting optimisation program
  • Readings given in grams or ounces
  • Fully automatic measuring cycle
  • Balancing accurate to 1 gram
  • Measurement in inches or millimetres
  • Self-diagnosis, self-testing, self-calibration
  • Automatic minimisation of residual static unbalance


Model specification 3608
Display Type
High luminosity LED
Measurement precision
1 g
Max. weight (tyre + wheel) in kg
Wheel width
1.5’’ to 20’’
Wheel diameter
10’’ to 26’’
Dynamic steel (all types of rims)
Serial component
Dynamic aluminium (all types of rims)
Serial component
Static (all types of rims)
Serial component
Dynamic motorcycle (all types of rims)
Serial component
Hidden weights (all types of rims)
Serial component
Optimisation program (fitting/tyre)
Serial component
Self-diagnostic and self-calibration program
Serial component
Maintenance and operation help program
Serial component
Input of wheel dimensions (manual)
Serial component
Automatic input of dimensions (offset and diameter)
Serial component
Wheel drive
Rotation speed (in rpm)
< 100
Average duration of measurement cycle
6-8 sec
Shaft blocking (with wheel stopped)
Serial component
Wheel protection guard
Total power of electric motor
800 W
Electrical supply
115/230 V
Net weight
86 Kg
Motorcycle fitting
Cones kit for spoked rims (LV)
Serial component
Universal plate for solid rims (LV)
Serial component
Width measurement gauge
Serial component
Calibration mass (100 g)
Serial component
Lead application pliers
Serial component