Multi-Diag Access 2 Bluetooth

access 2 bt


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Multi-Diag Access 2 Bluetooth is a multi-brand, PC-based diagnostic system for performing diagnostics on electrical control units of cars.

What's included in a kit (AC965831):
• Multi-Diag VCI 2 with Bluetooth (IME 3904202);
• USB A - USB B adapter;
• Communication cable OBD (AC911912);


• MOBILE - thanks to the Bluetooth technology!
• PRACTICAL - no adapters needed for the new CAN communication protocols. The built-in multiplexer allows easy interventions on even the most recent vehicles!
• RAPID - high-performance tool reduces the communication time between operations by 3 times!
• SAVE MONEY - you will no longer need to buy adapter cables. Focus on boosting your productivity!

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